Assortment Box Heat Shrink Tubing 12 Sizes - 280 Pieces - Various Colors

This very extensive and varied heat shrink tube set belongs in every handy case. It consists of no less than 280 heat-shrink tubing of different lengths and various diameters, with a minimum shrink temperature of 70°C.
The temperature range is -55 to +125 °C. This way you will never go wrong when you need a heat shrink tubing. The heat shrink tubing has different colors.
The diameters range from 1 to 10 millimeters. Their shrinkage rate is 2:1.
You will receive this extensive range of heat shrink tubing in a handy case. Once the case has been opened, you immediately grab the heat shrink tubing you need.

Where are you as a handyman without an extensive range of shrink tubing? You really can't do without it and you don't always want to borrow a shrink tube or drive to the hardware store for these kinds of small items. Once you have purchased such a handy suitcase full of heat shrink tubing, you can go ahead for the time being. Due to the wide variety, you are prepared for any job where you need heat shrink tubing. An additional advantage of this case: you can immediately see when a certain heat shrink tubing starts to run out and you have to order a new one.
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Min. shrinkage temperature 70°C
Full shrink temperature 110°C
Shrink ratio 2:1
Dimensions and quantity
40pcs Ø 1.0x45mm Yellow
40pcs Ø 2.0x45mm Blue
40pcs Ø 2.0x45mm Black
30pcs Ø 3.0x45mm Green
25pcs Ø 4.0x45mm Red
25pcs Ø 4.0x45mm Black
20pcs Ø 5.0x45mm Black
20pcs Ø 6.0x45mm Yellow
10pcs Ø8.0x45mm Red
10pcs Ø 10.0x45mm Green
10pcs Ø 10.0x45mm Blue
10pcs Ø 10.0x45mm Black

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Specific References

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