Battle rope with sleeve 9 mtr + bracket

Training with battle ropes results in major improvements in muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness and fat burning.

Because the ropes are quite heavy, all the muscles you train are put to work. You can use your battle ropes to strengthen your abdominal muscles, your arms and shoulders and your leg muscles. Training ten minutes with battle ropes is already a powerful work-out.

The advantages of these "Battle Ropes" include:
* Progress after 30 seconds noticeable
* The ends are neatly finished handles
* Equipped with a nylon sleeve for a longer life.
* Great for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
* Made from incredibly durable woven polyester
* This material has the great advantage that the fibers do not absorb moisture, so the rope will not rot if used with outdoor training.

Product features:
* High quality battle rope
* Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
* Suitable for intensive commercial use in gyms
* Ideal for strength, rhythm and balance training and development
* Ideal for every training (specific, functional and eg martial arts)


Do you regularly opt for a solid workout with battle ropes to improve your fitness? Then attach that rope to a Battle rope bracket. This way you ensure that the rope moves in a controlled manner and does not swing in all directions. You easily attach the bracket with the supplied screws and plugs. If the bracket is tight, then you will see the battle rope and your training can begin.

The benefits of the Battle rope bracket
✔ Very sturdy due to the use of high quality steel
✔ Easy to attach to the wall
✔ For a controlled movement of the battle ropes during the training
✔ Can be hung both inside and outside
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Battle Rope
Material : Polyester / Nylon
Diameter : 38 mm 
Weight 9 meter : 7 Kg 
Remark : Use on rough surfaces can cause accelerated wear!

Material : Steel
Dimensions of bracket (LBH) : 15 x 2.5 x 7 cm
Colour  : Black 
Remark : Including mounting set

Specific References


Specific References

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