Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer incl. 12 Gel Pads - EMS Trainer - Black

Good on you for planning to get your body back in top shape. I can promise you that this EMS muscle trainer will help in any desired location, such as abdomen, thighs, arms, etc. with the minimum effort in any environment.
The electrodes of the EMS send electric shocks to the muscle tissue by means of the gel pads, this causes the muscle to contract and a beautiful result is created.
So you can train wherever and whenever you want.
The EMS Muscle Trainer makes your body shapes more toned and ensures optimal training on the target areas (abs, biceps and triceps). Use 10 to 15 minutes a day and you will see the result!
Manual EMS trainer
1. Before using the EMS trainer, you must clean and dry the area where you are going to use it.
2. After preparing your body, grab the EMS trainer and put it on.
3. Press the middle button “ON” to turn on the device. A red light will illuminate on one of the levels
4. After you set the desired level, press “ON” again to start the device. You can use the same button again to increase the intensity of the training. The EMS trainer has 3 intensity levels.
5. To decrease the intensity, press the “OFF/DEC” button. If you are at intensity 1 and you press “OFF/DEC” you switch off the device.
Not to be used with!
• During the pregnancy
• Epilepsy
• Illness or other injury
• Wounds and new scars
• Varicose veins in advanced stages
• Heart and vein complaints


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Package contents
1x 8-Pack EMS trainer
2x Separate trainers for arms, legs or back
3x Control boxes
12x Gel pads


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Specific References

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