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Many athletes swear by their foam roller and use it both before and after exercise. The massage roller can be used to remove muscle knots, but also to loosen muscles when warming up. The muscles are in fact loaded during the execution of an intensive workout. The means ensures that rigid muscles come loose and that the posture of the body is improved. The foam roller is an effective tool that provides more flexibility and mobility. The blood will flow better and the muscles can absorb more oxygen. The quality of the muscles will improve.

The use of the foam roller is simple. Put the foam roller on the floor and then slowly roll over it with a muscle group. These can be different muscles. The area that hurts must be hit with the foam roller, so that the muscle comes under pressure. A handy tip for use: build up the time you spend with the foam roller and make sure you do not apply too much pressure. It is possible that you exert more pressure than your body can tolerate.

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Diameter: 10 cm
Length: 30 cm
Material : EVA foam
Remark: Good quality

Specific References


Specific References

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