Aluminum Nail Polish Gel Polish Remove Wraps - Soak Off Foil - 100 Pieces

Remove the Gel and Gel Nail Polish from your nails in the safest and easiest way with these gel polish remover wraps. With the high quality of these wraps you can remove the gel polish from your nails in a responsible, quick and easy way without damaging your natural nails. These removal wraps are used by nail technicians as well as home users.
Why these remove wraps
• Fine Soak Off Remover Pads that quickly and safely remove the gel polish from your nail
• Will not damage the natural nails
• Works with all brands of Soak Off
• Clean nails within 10 minutes!
Using the remove wraps
Carefully file off the top layer of your artificial nail or gel nail polish, until the gel / acrylic breaks, as it were. Be careful not to file in one spot for too long; you don't want to damage your own nail. Apply a little cuticle oil to the skin around the nail and cuticle. This is to prevent the skin from drying out. The sponge must be well soaked with Nail & Tip Dissolver or Polish Remover. Please place the wrap exactly on the nail. The foil should be wrapped so that it is secure and the end is folded over the nail. Let it soak for at least 10-15 minutes (depending on the material applied). You will see the top layer begin to flake. Carefully remove the awakened artificial nail or gel nail polish with a gel spatula or a file. Repeat the previous steps if there are any leftovers. After removing the gel or acrylic nails, it is important to take good care of your nails. Use the cuticle oil for this. This way your nails stay healthy. With the remover wraps you have no mess and no more waste.


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Dimensions 90x65mm
Material Aluminum
Quantity 100 pieces



Specific References


Specific References

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