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Profile comb - Contour mold - Marking aid - Profile gauge - 12 cm

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Marking difficult corners or shapes has never been so easy with this profile comb!
This multifunctional profile comb offers every handyman the solution to draw complex shapes more easily and accurately. The plastic profile comb is a tool tool where you can mark an exact copy. This consists of a clamping lever (which is engraved as a ruler) with all kinds of hooks in it.
Precise marking of angles, shapes and contours. Due to the amount of brackets you can know exactly what you want to mark and you can accurately lay different materials such as a laminate floor. For example, to be able to mark the heating pipe or door frame, you push the template against the object so that the hooks come forward and you can then mark on the suitable material such as laminate, skirting boards, carpet, wallpaper, tiles, etc. With these tools you can finish jobs faster! This product gives you the chance not to waste any materials and that also saves on the wallet. This product is an addition for any handyman with a toolbox.
Benefits at a glance
• The profile stays in place while signing off
• Does not damage your surface
• Accurately draw shapes
• Know immediately where you want to cut, cut or cut


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Material Plastic
Measuring length 12 cm
Measuring depth 4.5 cm


Specific References


Specific References

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