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Resistance power band - resistance band - pull up band - powerlifting bands - crossfit - fitness elastic - set of 4

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With the resistance power bands you make every workout more fun and challenging. The resistance power bands are a well-known and widely used training material. You will find them in almost every gym and every bootcamp training.

For example, attach the resistance power bands to a barbell while performing squats, so that you have to make more effort. In addition, it is also possible to put the resistance power band around your legs or arms and get started with various exercises.

These resistance bands are a must-have tool in your training gear. A total full body workout is no problem with these power band resistance bands.

Benefits of resistance power bands
• Efficient for all your wedge groups
• Decide for yourself where and when you train
• Sweat resistant
• Perfect for improving flexibility
• Get stronger and fitter
• Flexible, durable and won't break or warp
• Easy to carry

Some possible exercises include
• Band pull separately (back)
• Power band shoulder press (military press)
• Power band squats
• Shoulder front raises / side raises
• Power band chest press
• Power band biceps curl
• Power band triceps extension

Give your workout more power with these resistance power bands!

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Red W13 x D4.5 mm
Black W22 x D4.5 mm
Purple W29 x D4.5 mm
Green W45 x D4.5 mm

Resistance range
Red 5-15 kg
Black 15-30 kg
Purple 20-45 kg
Green 25-55 kg

100% rubber latex

Specific References


Specific References

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